Legacy Learning Systems: Learn And Master Courses For Guitar And Drums

If you have read my review of the Learn And Master Piano course you will realise what a great course this is and how its helped countless people to learn to play the piano.

You may or may not know that Legacy Learning Systems also provide other top quality courses for Guitar and Drums. I don’t own these other courses so it’s not for me to review them here, however I have provided links to their site so you can evaluate for yourself the courses that interest you.

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If you’re still reading this you are obviously determined to learn to play your chosen instrument and you want the best course money can buy. Learn and Master are so confident that their courses are the best that they will give you your money back if you don’t agree.

The teaching format used for Learn And Master Guitar and Learn And Master Drums is essentially the same as The Learn And Master Piano course in that they use DVDs and CDs and use top class teachers.

Learn And Master Guitar

Learn And Master Guitar is taught by Steve Krenz who has a degree in music is a studio musician, teacher, and has also worked in jazz bands, orchestras and with top singing artists including Donna Summer. This course comes with 20 DVDs, 5 CDs and a lesson book and is presented in a similar way to the Learn And Master Piano course.

guitar learn master Steve Krenz

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Learn And Master Drums

Dann Sherrill teaches the Learn And Master Drum course. He is a session drummer from Nashville. He is also a percussionist and plays conga, timbales and bongos and many more percussion instruments. He also loves to teach and has provided this very comprehensive drum course. Again this is a DVD and CD course and you can get full details at the Legacy Learning Systems website.

learn and master drums Dann Sherrill

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