Learn And Master Student Editions For Piano And Guitar

Legacy Learning have recently launched two new products, Learn And Master Piano Student Edition and Learn And Master Guitar Student Edition. I am going to talk about the piano edition in this review.

What is Learn And Master Student Edition?

The student edition adds a teacher’s resource to the award winning original edition. So what you get is the Learn and Master Piano course plus a teacher’s guide and a teacher’s resource DVD. We will look at the teacher’s resources in this review and how it can be used by parents who wish to teach their children and well as people who would like to start teaching the piano as a career choice.

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Who can use the student edition?

The student edition is specifically aimed at those that want to teach, this can be parents who want to teach their children and budding piano teachers who can already play but want to start teaching. The genius of this system is that you don’t even have to have any musical knowledge to use it which is a plus for parents who don’t play themselves.

The teachers guide book provides all the information you need for each lesson. There is a teacher’s overview a skills evaluation chart, notes and tasks to complete for each lesson. On the DVD Will Barrow will also steer you through each section and provide questions you can ask your students.

Parents can teach their children

Many parents know the high costs of sending their children for further education. Using this system will not only save you potentially thousands of dollars but you can be confident that your child is getting the very best in piano tuition not least because you will be teaching them yourself but because your guide through this process is Grammy award winner Will Barrow who is not only an excellent pianist but will be a wonderful teacher for you and your children.

Do you want to be a piano teacher?

I remember when I first starting teaching the piano, I was a little apprehensive at first because I wasn’t sure where to start. I knew how to play the piano but could I transfer that knowledge to a student, well after a few lessons I sort of fell in to it. It’s all about confidence, but having a teacher’s guide like this one would have been extremely useful and taken away a lot of the doubts I had at the time. If you want to be a piano teacher then the Learn and Master Student Edition is your opportunity to get started. Don’t waste it, get your copy and start teaching, you won’t regret it.

For those of you interested in learning or teaching guitar there is also a Learn and Master Guitar Student Edition. This course uses exactly the same format as the piano course and is taught by Steve Krenz. To find out more about the guitar edition:

Visit the Learn And Master Guitar Student Edition website

And for the piano edition:

Visit the Learn And Master Piano Student Edition website

I have my own copy of the student edition so if you have any questions you can email me using the Contact Us page

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