Gibsons Learn and Master Guitar Review

Okay, many of you that have visited my site know that I am a keyboard player and I have played professionally for many years. I also teach piano, keyboard and electric organ. So why I am I writing a review about learning to play the guitar?  Good question and Ill get to that in a moment. Because I have references to Learn and Master Guitar on my site I am constantly being asked to write a review and I have always put it off because I am not a guitarist. I dabble a little bit, I can knock a tune out on one string but do I consider myself a guitarist, definitely not. So in answer to the question above, I am going to write this review from a beginner’s point of view because that’s what I am, okay I know the musical theory part but not the actual guitar playing part.

You’ll notice the word Gibson in the title that’s because this course is now supported by Gibson guitars, you cant get a higher recommendation than that.

Guitar Strumming Lesson – Steve Krenz

As many of you know I always own the courses I review and I spend a lot of time studying the material to provide the best information for the reader to make a qualified decision on whether to buy the courses I review.

Let’s Get To The Learn And Master Guitar Review

So let’s start with a brief overview of the course as a whole. Learn and master guitar contains 20 DVDs 5 CDs and a 100 page lesson book. Everything is contained in a very professional looking binder. All learn and master courses are posted worldwide from Nashville in the US. The company who produce and distribute these courses are known as Legacy Learning Systems and their goal is to provide the very highest quality learning courses at an affordable price.

Learn And Master Guitar
Gibsons Learn and Master Guitar DVD Course

How Does The Learn And Master Guitar Course Work

The idea is a simple one but very effective. In general you will have a guitar teacher available to you in your home 24/7 via the DVDs. Your teacher is called Steve Krenz who is a professional musician with a degree in music, in fact his CV is very impressive in the music world and you can read his bio HERE.

Steve Krenz Your 24/7  Teacher

Gibsons Learn and Master Guitar Review
Learn and Master Guitar With Steve Krenz
Learn and Master Guitar
Gibsons Learn and Master Guitar Review

The Learn and Master Guitar DVDs

Each DVD contains two sessions and each session contains a number of lessons a workshop section and an assignment depending on which disc you are using. For example disc one has two sessions, session one has nine lessons plus a workshop and session two has six lessons plus a workshop, plus each session has an assignment to complete before carrying on. I’ll go more into what’s on disc 1 later.

Learn and Master Guitar Review
Gibsons Learn and Master Guitar Review

The Learn and Master Guitar Lesson Book

The lesson book compliments the DVDs exactly and when your are shown musical notation and guitar tab on the DVD it is also in the lesson book and at any time you can pause the DVD and use the lesson book to practice that particular section. This is particularly useful as Steve Krenz will give you examples to play and then you copy, and its at this point that you would pause the DVD and play what Steve has just taught you and using the lesson book will keep the example he just showed you, fresh in your mind.

Learn and Master Guitar
Learn and Master Guitar CDs

Learn and Master Guitar CDs

The CDs are essentially Jam along CDs, that means when you have learned to play your first tune which in this case will be “Ode To Joy” you can put the CD on and play along with the band on the CD. There are three versions of each tune to follow, slow, medium and fast. Not only is this great fun but its an important part of your training in that it helps you with your timing and when you can play and keep up with the fast version, your off and running. Also the first track of every CD is used to tune your guitar and each string is sounded three times, you just tune your guitar to match the sound on the CD so you are in perfect tune with the band, it’s very simple.

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What Kind Of Guitar Can I Use With Learn And Master Guitar?

This is actually a good question and one that I also wondered about before getting this course, the answer is any six string guitar can be used with this course. Initially when learning to play the guitar the principles are the same for acoustic and electric guitar, in fact on the very first DVD Steve Krenz uses an acoustic and an electric guitar. Obviously different types of guitars have different playing styles and fortunately that’s covered in this course as well.

Click Here To Check Out The Different Guitar Playing Styles Covered In Gibsons Learn And Master Guitar

OK, with what I’ve seen so far, I am super impressed, from the initial first impressions to the content of the just the first disc. I mentioned above that I would look at the content in disc one in detail and I will, in a separate article because this review has become very long and I don’t want to bore my readers and there is more content on disc one than I first thought so keep calling by, I should have a review of disc one up within a couple of weeks.

In the mean time if you feel you want to get started with this course you can visit the learn and master guitar website and learn a bit more about it. The current price is $249 and from time to time as with all their courses they have a sale on, so it’s worth checking the current price.

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That’s it for now, thanks for reading my review I hoped you found it useful, please call back and read my learn and master guitar disc one review and if you have any questions about any of the learn and master courses use the contact us link at the top of this page.

Mike Shaw