Learn And Master Piano Or Rocket Piano: Which Should I Choose?

I get asked this question a lot. They are both excellent piano courses but Rocket piano costs $39.95 and learn and master piano costs $125 at the time of writing this.

Are They Really That Different From Each Other?

Well I can’t speak for rocket piano apart from what I have seen on their sales page but I have my own copy of learn and master piano which I find is excellent for my students. But really, it’s not about what I think here, it’s about what you need.

Now I know many of you have read my review of learn and master piano so you know what I think about it. (You can it read it here if you haven’t seen it) What I want to do in this article is put myself in the position of the buyer with the relevant information from the sales pages of both learn and master piano and rocket piano.

Why Is Rocket Piano So Much Cheaper Than Learn and Master Piano

Well let’s look at the facts. I’m looking at the Rocket piano sales page now at the bottom of the page and the cost is (I’ll skip the sales blurb) $99.95 $39.95, so its clear that it normally costs $99.95 but you can have it today for $39.95 and you can download it now, so that means all the videos, lessons books are downloadable after payment. Now if you scroll down further you will see a hard copy version which costs $199.95, this means that the whole course will be posted to you, its still the same as the download version but you will receive your piano lessons on DVDs and CDs.

Now lets look at the learn and master piano order page, same format as above, this course would normally cost you $249 but you can have it today for $125. This is a hard copy and there is no download version.

So we can conclude that if you want a hard copy, that is the course posted to you then learn and master piano wins hands down on price, if you want a downloaded version then Rocket piano wins hands down.

So Which One Should I Choose?

Here’s where I’m going to show you how to choose for yourself, its your money, you are the one that wants to learn how to play the piano, so its got to be your choice, not mine. So the first thing I want you to do is open both sales pages, click the links below and they will open in two separate pages:

•    Rocket Piano Sales Page

•    Learn and Master Piano Sales Page

Next, answer these questions

•    Do you want a piano software course that you can use on your computer? Or do you want a DVD piano course that you can use on your DVD player and TV?

•    How much do you want to spend?

Okay, write your answers down and keep them in clear view. Now go to each sales page and read every part of each. Rocket piano has only one page but learn and master piano has 9 pages. Start with Rocket piano and write down anything that immediately appeals to you, it might be a couple of words or a sentence, just something that strikes you as something you personally want. This is important because there’s so much info to take in you will forget important parts if you don’t write it down. Next, do the same with learn and master piano making sure to keep notes of important parts that appeal to you, when you finished that you can look at the results from what you have wrote down about each course.

Now Make Your Choice

You are finally ready to make your own choice based on the questions you answered above and what you wrote down about each course. You should already know what your budget is and whether you want a download or a hard copy, this in itself could make your choice for you. Now look at what you wrote down for each course and choose what is best for you even if it goes over your budget or for that matter even if it goes below you budget.



Yes there’s a bit of work involved here in choosing the right piano course but playing the piano is also going to involve a certain amount of study as well. So I hope I have helped you to choose Learn and Master Piano or Rocket Piano.

How To Teach Piano and Guitar

If you play the piano or guitar and you want to make some extra money, especially now, with the recession starting to bite hard, then keep reading. I will show you how to teach piano or guitar in your local area with the help of how teach piano and how teach guitar student courses from learn and master.

How To Teach Piano and Guitar – Essential Requirements

There’s actually only one essential requirement and that is that you can play the piano or guitar to a reasonable standard, that means you are comfortable playing in front of people or an audience. Amateur, semi-pro or even professional players can teach piano or guitar and even in this recession, there’s lots of people still want to learn to play piano, keyboards, drums and guitar and they are willing to pay good money for it. So, are you ready to get started, do you want to make extra cash, then let’s get cracking.

How To Teach Piano and Guitar – First Steps

Okay, the very first thing to do is make the decision to start teaching, don’t think about it, don’t procrastinate, just say to yourself, I’m going to do this and I’m going to get my first student and start teaching. Next, you need to answer these questions:

Where To Teach Piano and Guitar?

You have three options, you can teach at your home, you can go mobile and teach in the student’s home and you can teach in your local music shop. I’ve done all three but I prefer teaching in my local music shop and the mobile option which I do at the moment. Don’t be apprehensive about approaching the owners of music shops because they will benefit from your presence with increased sales from your students. You should also pay a percentage of your lessons fee to the music shop for use of musical instruments, electricity, heat etc. For example, I charge £15.00 per half hour lesson and pay £3.00 of that to the music shop. This is a tremendous benefit to you both, as I said above music shop owners make money from an empty space in their shop plus increased sales and you get all your students in one place with a choice of musical instruments to use, no bills to pay and you also save on petrol costs.

How To Find  Piano And Guitar Students?

Again the music shop is a great source of potential students but I recommend finding your first student yourself through advertising. This will be a small classified ad in you local newspaper. Here an example of an ad that I used:

Piano and keyboard lessons for beginners. All ages welcome. Contact Mike for more details. TEL: 123456789

It wont cost much and I guarantee you will get lots of enquires and you only need one student to pay for your ad, but you’ll probably end up with a lot more. When you have a few students on your books, then you can approach the music shop and grow your student list from there.

What Piano and Guitar Music Teacher Resources You Need?

This is the part that frightens potential teachers because, yes, they can play but how do they communicate that knowledge to a complete beginner. I must admit when I first started, this did freak me out a bit but I was fortunate in that I could watch other teachers at work and copied their method and tried it out with one student and after that I never looked back and I’ve been teaching for over 30 years.

So, to answer the question, you need a how teach piano and how teach guitar teaching plan from legacy learning systems. The learn and master student edition piano and guitar courses will give you the music teacher resources you need. These courses are specifically aimed at new teachers and provide a blueprint of everything you need to do and say to teach piano or guitar and they are not expensive; both courses are currently selling for $169 each, which is about £110 for us Brits.

Here a brief look at what each course contains:

Learn And Master Guitar Home School Edition (How Teach Guitar – Music Teacher Resources)

How To Teach Guitar
Learn Master Guitar Music Teacher Resources

20 Learn and Master Guitar DVDs

teaching guitar
How To Teach Guitar

5 Learn and Master Guitar Jam-Along CDs

teaching guitar
How To Teach Guitar - CDs

100+ Page Learn and Master Guitar Lesson Book

music teacher resources
How To Teach Guitar - Lesson Book

68 Page Guitar Teacher’s Guide

2 DVD Guitar Teacher’s Resource Set

Learn And Master Guitar Home School Edition Cost: $269 $169

Click Here To Find Out More About Learn and Master Guitar

Learn And Master Piano Home School Edition (How Teach Piano –  Music Teacher Resources)

teaching piano
Learn Master Piano Music Teacher Resources

14 Learn and Master Piano DVDs
5 Learn and Master Piano Jam-Along CDs
100+ Page Learn and Master Piano Lesson Book
68 Page Piano Teacher’s Guide
1 DVD piano Teacher’s Resource Set

Learn And Master Piano Home School Edition Cost: $269 $169

Click Here To Find Out More About Learn and Master Piano

How To Use Learn And Master Home School Edition Courses

Each course contains everything you need to learn and more importantly for you, teach piano or guitar. You will start with the 68 Page Teacher’s Guide and the Teacher’s Resource Set, this will tell you what is required from the student and you just copy what the course is telling you and transfer that to the student. Your student will need a lesson book and these courses come with a 100 page lesson book, obviously you need to keep that lesson book so you need to provide your student with the same lesson book, you have a few options here on how to go about this. When you have bought the course you will have access to a learn and master resources page which will provide you with essential downloads such as chord sheets and of course lesson books, these are in PDF format. Just download these resources and provide a complete lesson book for your student to use on an iPad or laptop for FREE, or, you can print out the lessons you need and give that to your students, or, you can print out the complete book and make your own lesson books, or, you could order extra lesson books from the learn and master website to sell to your students.

Now Go Out And Start Teaching Piano and Guitar

Make that first step and get your first student, buy a learn and master piano or guitar course and commit yourself, you can have one or two students or twenty or thirty it’s really up to you. With a standard charge of £15 per half hour, ten students a week will earn you £150. So don’t sit around worrying about the recession, use your talent and teach, do it now.

How Teach Piano – Teaching Plan
Click Here To Find Out More about Learn and Master Piano Home School Edition

How Teach Guitar – Teaching Plan
Click Here To Find Out More about Learn and Master Guitar Home School Edition

To your teaching success
Mike Shaw