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Complete PIANOFORALL Course With Robin Hall

Website: www.pianoforall.com
Price: $79.50 
Beginners To Advanced
Customer Service: Yes
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

My first impressions of this course is the simplicity of use. When you get this course on your computer, you simply click on the first book to open it and off you go. In the first book, you are given an overview of what you can accomplish with this course.

Here’s An Example Taken From The PIANOFORALL Book

The Pianoforall Process

Traditional piano instruction generally begins with Sight Reading (being taught to memorize other peoples musical compositions using musical notation) Unfortunately, this is an extremely laborious process and many accomplished ‘sight readers’ have no idea about how to play by ear or how the music they can sight read is constructed in the first place.
To do this they have to learn about chords and harmony.

Pianoforall works the other way round. You build a solid foundation using chords, ‘real’ sounding rhythms and grooves and then you BUILD on top of that and learn to play by ear and sight read along the way.

Pianoforall Screenshot

Simple To Use

As you can see, the first book will start you off with simple chords and Robin Hall who is the teacher of this course will show you how to play these chords using video. All you have to do is click the icon that says Play Video and you are presented with Robin showing you exactly where to place your hands and fingers on the keyboard, it’s as simple as that.

As well as the included videos in this course, there are also audio files, again it’s so simple, you just click on a loudspeaker icon and you will hear whatever chord or phrase Robin wants you to hear. As well as video and audio, there are hundreds of pictures and diagrams showing the keyboard, chord positions and of course music notes, again all very simple to follow.


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Piano Notes

Piano Chords - C Chord
Piano Chords - F Chord
Piano Chords - G Chord

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Course Contents

This course comes with 10 books 200 audio files and 500 videos. The audio and video are all embedded within the books so there nothing for you to set up. As mentioned above, when you want to watch a video or hear an audio file you simply click on the appropriate icon.

Choose Between Download Or CD

After payment of this course, you can choose to download this course to your computer or have the complete course sent to you on CD. Both options are the same price and there is no added postage cost for the CD, which is a nice touch.

Customer Service

Robin Hall is very proud of the support he offers his students, so I will let him tell you himself in his own words what he offers:

“I take great pride that I answer all student enquiries within a few hours and I love to hear how students progress through the course.”
Robin Hall


Like many of the top piano courses PIANOFORALL offer a 60-day money back guarantee, which means you have nothing to loose.


This course is very competitively priced at $79.50 and in my opinion offers great value for money and considering there is no extra cost for postage if you choose the CD option you will be hard pushed to find a better deal.

Mikes Conclusion

I like the way Robin teaches his students to play. I use a similar way myself with my own students. The method is really very basic, all you do is watch, listen and copy. This has the effect of allowing you to play almost immediately and as a piano teacher myself; I can confirm that this method does work very effectively.

I have nothing negative to say about this piano course and I am not going to make something up for the sake of balance in this review. If you want a simple to use, easy to follow piano course then I can recommend the PIANOFORALL course with confidence.

Mikes Rating

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