Learn And Master Piano Or Rocket Piano: Which Should I Choose?

I get asked this question a lot. They are both excellent piano courses but Rocket piano costs $39.95 and learn and master piano costs $125 at the time of writing this.

Are They Really That Different From Each Other?

Well I can’t speak for rocket piano apart from what I have seen on their sales page but I have my own copy of learn and master piano which I find is excellent for my students. But really, it’s not about what I think here, it’s about what you need.

Now I know many of you have read my review of learn and master piano so you know what I think about it. (You can it read it here if you haven’t seen it) What I want to do in this article is put myself in the position of the buyer with the relevant information from the sales pages of both learn and master piano and rocket piano.

Why Is Rocket Piano So Much Cheaper Than Learn and Master Piano

Well let’s look at the facts. I’m looking at the Rocket piano sales page now at the bottom of the page and the cost is (I’ll skip the sales blurb) $99.95 $39.95, so its clear that it normally costs $99.95 but you can have it today for $39.95 and you can download it now, so that means all the videos, lessons books are downloadable after payment. Now if you scroll down further you will see a hard copy version which costs $199.95, this means that the whole course will be posted to you, its still the same as the download version but you will receive your piano lessons on DVDs and CDs.

Now lets look at the learn and master piano order page, same format as above, this course would normally cost you $249 but you can have it today for $125. This is a hard copy and there is no download version.

So we can conclude that if you want a hard copy, that is the course posted to you then learn and master piano wins hands down on price, if you want a downloaded version then Rocket piano wins hands down.

So Which One Should I Choose?

Here’s where I’m going to show you how to choose for yourself, its your money, you are the one that wants to learn how to play the piano, so its got to be your choice, not mine. So the first thing I want you to do is open both sales pages, click the links below and they will open in two separate pages:

•    Rocket Piano Sales Page

•    Learn and Master Piano Sales Page

Next, answer these questions

•    Do you want a piano software course that you can use on your computer? Or do you want a DVD piano course that you can use on your DVD player and TV?

•    How much do you want to spend?

Okay, write your answers down and keep them in clear view. Now go to each sales page and read every part of each. Rocket piano has only one page but learn and master piano has 9 pages. Start with Rocket piano and write down anything that immediately appeals to you, it might be a couple of words or a sentence, just something that strikes you as something you personally want. This is important because there’s so much info to take in you will forget important parts if you don’t write it down. Next, do the same with learn and master piano making sure to keep notes of important parts that appeal to you, when you finished that you can look at the results from what you have wrote down about each course.

Now Make Your Choice

You are finally ready to make your own choice based on the questions you answered above and what you wrote down about each course. You should already know what your budget is and whether you want a download or a hard copy, this in itself could make your choice for you. Now look at what you wrote down for each course and choose what is best for you even if it goes over your budget or for that matter even if it goes below you budget.



Yes there’s a bit of work involved here in choosing the right piano course but playing the piano is also going to involve a certain amount of study as well. So I hope I have helped you to choose Learn and Master Piano or Rocket Piano.

Learn and Master Piano Complete Review


Website: www.learnandmaster.com
Price $249.00
Beginners To Advanced
Customer Service
Money Back Guarantee Yes
Delivery International
Payment Plan Yes
Payment Method Credit Card

Learn To Play The Piano With Learn And Master Piano DVD Course With Will Barrow

Before I start this review, I just want to mention a couple of things. First, Learn and Master Piano is not a software download, you don’t need a computer to use it and there is nothing technical to set up. In fact all you need is a DVD player and a TV and a piano of course.

Second, I will give you my honest review based on my experience as a piano teacher and my personal impressions of this course without the hype, just plain talking. I will also give you my recommendations as to who will benefit from this course.

So let’s get to the full review. I received my review copy of Learn and Master Piano 5 days after I ordered it, which is not bad considering I live in the UK and the course, is sent from the US. The course comes well presented in a very professional looking binder and contains:

Fourteen DVDs
Five Play Along CDs
One Lesson Book

The Learn and Master Piano DVDs

Each DVD contains two sessions and two workshops. Each session is broken down in to mini sessions or you could call them lessons. Each mini session is accessible on your DVD player using chapters, or you can go back to main menu and choose which mini session to play. Think of the complete session as a teacher giving you a piano lesson as a real teacher would, the only difference being, that with this course you can keep going back to parts of the lesson (mini sessions) you would like to see again.

Linked to each session is a workshop. Again, this is split up in to mini workshops. Think of the workshops as your practice time. This is where you will practice the concepts that Will Barrow showed you in the session. The learn and master workshops are an important part of the learning process and Will Barrow goes in to more detail, guiding you carefully through your practice.

At the end of the workshop there is a section called “Your Ready To Move On When”. In this section, Will tells you what you need to accomplish before moving on to the next session. Everything in the sessions and the workshops are laid out in an easy to follow manner, easy accessible by chapters or DVD menu and split screen video showing you exactly what to do.

Click Here To See More About the Learn and Master Piano DVDs

This picture shows a clip from learn and master piano DVD 3
Learn And Master Piano Review
Learn And Master Piano Review

The Learn and Master Piano CDs

Learn and Master Piano CD Review

Learn and Master Piano  also contains five audio CDs. This is the fun part for every player because you get to play with a band, it’s not a big band, it consists of a drums, guitar, bass and keyboards, but I promise you this, you’ll enjoy this bit. This is where you will appreciate you efforts and practice when you can play along with the music on the CDs. The music on the CDs is linked to the music in your lesson book, so when you have practiced a piece, just set the CD to play the song you have practiced and away you go. The great thing about these CDs is they will also play in your DVD player and play through your TV. Its very simple but also effective.

Click Here To Listen To Some Clips From The Learn and Master Piano CDs

The Learn and Master Piano Lesson Book

Learn and Master Piano Lesson Book Review

This book contains all the songs and exercises that appear on the Learn and Master Piano DVDs and CDs. Using this book will help you to read music and understand what you are playing. The book is laid out in sessions to match the DVDs so everything clicks together nicely.

Ease of use

Providing you have a piano a DVD player and a TV, you should find learn and master piano very easy to follow. It is without doubt the closest thing to having a real teacher with you all the time.

Customer Service

You can contact Legacy Learning Systems direct via email with your question or you can join the Student Support Discussion Board, which is free. You can ask questions or just read what others are asking. You might find that other learners are asking the same questions as you and of course, everybody in this discussion board is in the same boat as you.

Your Guarantee

If you are not happy with course within 60 Days, you can return the course for a full refund. This kind of guarantee is pretty much standard now for upper end piano courses.

Learn and Master Piano Course Cost

When you compare the cost of learn and master piano with private piano lessons there’s no contest. For 12 months of private tuition you will pay up to $2000 based on a weekly lesson cost of $40 per half hour. When you consider that this course will provide you with up to 2 years course work for $249 you can see what a massive saving you will make.

Learn and Master Piano Cost Saving Tip

From time to time throughout the year, Legacy Learning Systems have a sale on all their products. Its worth checking out because I have seen as much as $100 off the Learn & Master Piano course.

Click Here To Check Out The Learn and Master Piano Current Price

Who Will Benefit From Learn & Master Piano?

• Complete beginners
• Players who want a refresher course
• Retired people
• Shift workers
• Children (helped by a parent)
• Anybody looking for a hobby
• And everybody who has a piano that’s not being used

If you recognise yourself in the above groups, then this is the course for you. You’re obviously serious about learning to play so now’s your chance to get started.

Mikes Conclusion
Learn and Master Piano is without doubt a high quality well thought out piano teaching course. Its job is to teach you how to play the piano and it does this wonderfully. The teaching method is clear and concise; you don’t need a computer, which will suit a lot of people. Will Barrow is a great teacher and doesn’t bombard you with anything technical at all, his teaching style is very infectious and entertaining and you might almost think he is in the room with you.

By now, I’m sure you realise how this piano course will help you to play the piano. If you’re serious about learning to play, don’t miss out on this opportunity, especially if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do.

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