Real Users Talk About Learn And Master Piano

When I talk about learn and master piano I like to talk about its usefulness to a new student and I am communicating this from a teacher and a musician’s point of view. I certainly hope that I translate the benefits of this course to people that are interested in playing the piano. It would be interesting however to know what actual users of learn and master piano think, especially to readers of this article.

So here we go, here are some great links to get you started.

First, the main legacy learning systems site featuring all the learn and master courses:

Learn and Master by Legacy Learning Systems

Next, the learn and master student support forum. This is where all the users and potential new users go to ask questions and find answers.

Student Support Forum

For people interested in all learn and master products you can visit Learn & Master Student Community Site. This forum has a wealth of information from users of learn and master guitar, piano, drums, blues guitar and all the other learn and master courses. This is a great place for all the info you’ll ever need from real users.

Learn & Master Student Community Site

This next section is for users that already have learn and master piano and potential new users. If you want to see what’s inside the lesson book that comes with this course you can download the whole book. For users that bought an early version of learn and master piano, they can download the 2nd edition lessons book.

Lesson Book – Original Edition PDF

Lesson Book – 2nd Edition PDF

Hope you find these links useful, feel free to comment and let other readers know what you think.